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How does our home dry cleaning service work?

Pick-up, high-quality cleaning and delivery within 48 hours. Enjoy the benefits of dry cleaning and discover the luxury of home delivery with ZePressing.

Dry cleaning pick-up

Order online

Wedding dresses, suits, shirts – you can trust us with all your delicate and everyday garments. Place and update your order up until the last minute, online or on our app.

Give it a go!

Want to refresh your linens, duvets or rugs? Our high-quality dry-cleaning workshop can handle 120 different kinds of garments and linens.

Choice of time and place

None of our services are outsourced. Our driver follows your instructions and picks your items up from your home, office or the most convenient location for you.

Dry cleaning and laundry services

Dry cleaning

Why use the ZePressing dry cleaning service?

Dry cleaning is perfect for maintaining delicate fabrics or removing stains from a garment. It also helps keep clothes feeling soft and looking brand new.

What does the ZePressing dry-cleaning service include?

  • Dry cleaning
  • Aqua cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Garments folded or on a hanger
  • Quality control
  • Pick-up and delivery costs included

Have a specific request?
Leave us your instructions when you place your order.

Laundry, Home and Bedding

Why use the ZePressing laundry service for your carpets and curtains?

Duvets, rugs and curtains contain natural or special fibers. They are also too bulky or too big to fit in a standard washing machine.

What does the ZePressing laundry service include?

  • Special wash
  • Drying
  • Quality control
  • Pick-up and delivery costs included

When should I use the ZePressing laundry by the kilo service?

Do you go to the Laundromat or fill multiple machines every week?
Home-delivered laundry by the kilo saves you time and money.

What does the ZePressing laundry by the kilo service include?

  • Washing
  • Folded or folded and ironed laundry
  • Pick-up and delivery costs included

Home Delivery

48-hour turnaround

Order your dry cleaning today and get your laundry cleaned, ironed and folded in just 48 hours. You choose the delivery time that best suits you.

At your convenience!

Laundry pick-up at one location and delivery at another. Get your dry cleaning delivered at home, or wherever you like.

Real-time delivery tracking

Track your dry cleaning in real time and get a call from the driver 30 minutes before delivery. We operate six days a week, 1pm–9pm.

Garanties ZePressing

Quality dry cleaning guaranteed

Our eco-friendly laundry is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment suited to every kind of material or fabric. None of our services are outsourced. We handle your garments personally, and quality controls are carried out before delivery.

Extended Delivery Guarantee

Our home dry cleaning service is available in Geneva, Lausanne and 21 other towns, including Morges and Nyon.

Best price guarantee

Pay with a ZeCard dry-cleaning card and get an extra CHF 5.- to CHF 30.-, depending on your choice of ZeCard. Take advantage of our current offers. We offer dry cleaning with included delivery.

FAQ about our
dry-cleaning and laundry services

Frequently asked questions from future customers and users of our home-delivered dry-cleaning and laundry services.

What is the difference between dry cleaning, Laundromat and industrial laundry services?

ZePressing provides dry cleaning, washing by the kilo and laundry services. These services are adjusted to your needs or the type of laundry you need washed:

Dry cleaning is used for delicate garments or stain removal. Dry cleaning is more efficient and less risky than wet cleaning. Dry cleaning might be used for wedding dresses, cashmere sweaters, skiwear, dress shirts, etc.

Laundry by the kilo is recommended if you have a lot of laundry to wash and iron (optional). This offer includes pick-up and delivery – a convenient alternative to going to the Laundromat.

Industrial laundry is our laundry solution for carpets, curtains, duvets, bedding as well as table and household linens. Example of industrial laundry: silk rugs, feather duvets, bath towels.

Where and how is the dry cleaning carried out?

Your garments are dry cleaned and washed by us personally at our laundry in Satigny (Geneva). None of our services are outsourced.

  • Our teams ensure rigorous quality control throughout the handling of your garments and linens. They adjust their cleaning processes according to the material and in keeping with your instructions.
  • Our state-of-the-art laundry uses eco-friendly dry-cleaning practices.
    We use mainly natural, biodegradable washing products, without phosphates or optical brighteners.
What cities do you offer your home dry cleaning and laundry services in?

Our dry cleaning, laundry by the kilo and industrial laundry services are available in a broad range of areas.

ZePressing collects and delivers your laundry in 23 towns, in the canton of Geneva and districts of Lausanne, Morges, and Nyon. Wherever you’re located, our services are available six days a week, Mon–Sat, 1pm–9pm.

You can check whether we serve your region when you sign up or place an order.

What are your opening hours and delivery times?

Our dry-cleaning workshop and laundry is open six days a week, Mon–Sat, 1pm–9pm. We ensure pick-up and delivery during opening hours.

Can I trust you to clean delicate garments?

Yes, that’s our specialty. Dry cleaning is suited to cleaning delicate fabrics such as cashmere, lace, wool, silk and natural fibers.

ZePressing also provides customized cleaning solutions, including crease removal for valuable garments such as wedding dresses, tuxedos, and lawyer’s robes.

Do you do stain removals and other specific cleaning services?

Yes. The ZePressing stain removal services do not damage or fade the fabric. When you place your order, simply specify the nature of the task and leave some instructions for our teams, e.g. “wine stain cleaned with paper towel and rinsed under running water”.

Our industrial laundry service with specially equipped machines enables us to handle specific items, such as duvets, rugs, curtains and upholstery.

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Excellent service in Geneva for dry cleaning suits. Convenient home delivery/pick-up; very attractive prices.
Benjamin R.
Carpet and bedspread cleaning. They paid close attention to our requests. Detailed work, friendly staff. Very happy with the results.
Marylise D.
Excellent service. The clothes were returned in exceptional packaging, the delivery service was on-time and professional, and the team gave us much-appreciated regular updates.
Illan C.
I use ZePressing regularly because I’m disabled and I need help washing my linens. I tried another home-delivered dry-cleaning service but I wasn't entirely happy with it.
Célimène D.
At last – the home-delivered dry-cleaning service I’d been looking! The pick-up and delivery people are really friendly and polite. Congrats on the great service, and the jackets were impeccable. Thank you for existing!
Sophie B.