How best to care for your suit?

Comment entretenir son costume

How best to care for your suit?

Whether you wear it every day at work or occasionally, a suit constitutes an important investment which allows you to stand out in meetings or elsewhere. We therefore need to care for it appropriately so as to increase its lifespan. Caring for a suit is a delicate task which requires the expertise of a specialist. In order for you to be able to do so yourself, Zepressing, your home-delivery dry cleaning service, is offering you a guide full of useful tips. Follow our advice to successfully care for this item of clothing which you hold so dear.

Taking care of your suit: good practice and tips

The choice of hanger

To properly care for your suit, start by checking the hanger that it is on. Choosing the right hanger can make all the difference! Forget fine plastic or metal hangers which mark and damage the fibres, opt instead for wooden varieties. The hanger should also be chosen in accordance with the size of the suit in order to keep its shape intact and crease-free. Avoid overloading, which can damage these sorts of items: one hanger for each suit, no more! Another point to consider to increase the lifespan of your precious suit: protect it with a cover. Storing a suit inappropriately could cause it to deteriorate more rapidly. Now that your suit has been stored away nicely, lets move on to the serious business!



Good everyday practice

Do you wear a suit every day? Aeration after each wear is a must! Being continuously exposed to pollution, dust, tobacco and other odours, your suit needs a bit of fresh air. What is more, its fragile fabrics retain odours much more easily than other clothes! So, put it on a hanger and hang it by a window. Also add brushing to the list of good everyday practice! Brushing your suit after every use allows you to remove dust and avoid the fabrics gradually becoming saturated with residue and other dirt. To do this, opt for a brush made from a non-aggressive material.

Do you think your suit needs a clean? Obviously, a suit is not cleaned in the same way as a t-shirt or other standard items of clothing. It needs to be dry cleaned: something which is carried out at a dry cleaner’s. It is important to note that, whilst you should be trying to care for your suit, when the time comes for a deeper clean, you should leave this to a dry cleaning professional in order to avoid damaging it.



If, despite this, you wish to have a go at washing it yourself, you have two possibilities: washing it with soapy water and washing it with washing soda.

These two methods pose no danger to your suit. You just need to check on a hem that the fabric can support contact with water and that the colour stays intact and does not bleed. For the first method, create a mixture of warm water, a few drops of vinegar and a few drops of liquid detergent. Then soak a clean, white sheet in the prepared solution and then wring it out. Spread out the pieces of your suit on clean white towels (to avoid colour loss). Roll up the sheet soaked in soapy water and pass it over the suit, gently rubbing on the dirtiest areas. Repeat this until stains disappear. Proceed then to dry the different pieces with a clean, dry flannel. Replace the detergent with washing soda, known for its effectiveness, if you judge the suit to be very dirty and stained. In this case, mix a small coffee cup of washing soda with a litre of warm water and proceed in the same way as with the soapy water. Once your suit is clean, hang the different pieces on separate hangers in an airy place.


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