Save on dry cleaning, no strings attached!

ZeCard Dry cleaning card

Whether you’re a regular or occasional customer, pay less for your dry cleaning and laundry with our ZeCards, and receive up to 30% off with every reload.

Why purchase a
ZeCard dry-cleaning card?

ZeCard gets you the best price for your dry cleaning and laundry services.

Buy a reload when you need it,
get a CHF 12.-, CHF 30.- or CHF 350.- bonus,
and pay for your orders without the need for a credit card.

Easy and no strings attached!

Compare ZeCard reload options

3 options for all your dry cleaning, laundry and ironing needs.

PAY CHF 60.-
get chf 72.-

  • You get an extra CHF 12.-
  • Reload will be valid indefinitely
  • May be used in conjunction with our offers
  • Accepted for all services

PAY CHF 100.-
get chf 130.-

  • You get an extra CHF 30.-
  • Reload will be valid indefinitely
  • May be used in conjunction with our offers
  • Accepted for all services

PAY CHF 1000.-
get chf 1350.-

  • You get an extra CHF 350.-
  • Reload will be valid indefinitely
  • May be used in conjunction with our offers
  • Accepted for all services

How to use
the ZeCard dry-cleaning card

Use your reload with your ZePressing account.
No need to use your credit card!

Select the reload option
that suits you best

Sign in
or create an account

Order a dry cleaning
for now or later

Pay for your orders
using your account balance

ZeCard dry-cleaning card

Frequently asked questions from future customers and dry-cleaning ZeCard card holders.

How do I choose the reload amount on my ZeCard?

The easiest way to determine the price of the service you want is by consulting our dry cleaning and laundry rates.
Please note that our prices always include pick-up and delivery to your home or your preferred address.

Simply adjust the reload amount to your needs.
For exemple : one ZeCard 60 is enough to get ten shirts dry cleaned. To get a wedding dress dry cleaned, opt for a ZeCard 100.

How do I activate the reload after purchasing a ZeCard dry-cleaning card?

The reload is automatically and instantly activated and added to your customer account.

  • If this is your first order, or if don’t have a customer account, select “Create an account” when finalizing your order. The only information required is an email address and your post code.
  • Already have a customer account?
    Select “Sign in” when finalizing your order.
How long is a reload valid for?

Your ZeCard is valid for an unlimited period, regardless of the reload amount. It can also be used for all types of services, dry cleaning and laundry, and can be combined in conjunction with our special offers.

Can I use my reload and bonus straight away?

Yes, your ZeCard reload and bonus can be used immediately. The corresponding amount is instantly credited to your customer account. If not, please send us a message so that our team can assist you.

Can I use the ZeCard dry cleaning card for the washing service?

Yes, you can pay for our laundry services, laundry by the kilo or washing and ironing by the kilo, with your ZeCard reload.

Can I take advantage of special offers when I pay with my ZeCard?

Yes, by paying with a ZeCard, you can take advantage of special offers, under the same terms and conditions as any other ZePressing customer. 

Home-delivered, hassle-free dry cleaning


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at your preferred location

Cleaning and ironing

at our high-quality workshop

Dry cleaning delivered

directly to your home, or at your preferred location

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Excellent service in Geneva for dry cleaning suits. Convenient home delivery/pick-up; very attractive prices.
Benjamin R.
Carpet and bedspread cleaning. They paid close attention to our requests. Detailed work, friendly staff. Very happy with the results.
Marylise D.
Excellent service. The clothes were returned in exceptional packaging, the delivery service was on-time and professional, and the team gave us much-appreciated regular updates.
Illan C.
I use ZePressing regularly because I’m disabled and I need help washing my linens. I tried another home-delivered dry-cleaning service but I wasn't entirely happy with it.
Célimène D.
At last – the home-delivered dry-cleaning service I’d been looking! The pick-up and delivery people are really friendly and polite. Congrats on the great service, and the jackets were impeccable. Thank you for existing!
Sophie B.