My dry cleaning delivered to my door!


Surf, order, enjoy…Ze Pressing takes care of your wardrobe!

Yes! It is now possible to receive your laundry to your door washed, dried, folded and even ironed! No more travelling, ZePressing takes care of collecting, cleaning and delivering your laundry in 48 hours to your desired location! With ZePressing, you can say goodbye to the chores of laundry and ironing!


It’s difficult trying to find time for chores when you don’t have any, but with ZePressing, the home dry cleaning service, it’s now possible. Plan your appointment from the time slots between 1pm and 9pm, 6 days a week in Geneva, Nyon, Gland and Lausanne.


Ze Pressing offers you free collection and delivery for orders of 15 CHF and over to the address of your choice, offering services such as ironing, dry cleaning, and laundry services by the kilo at dry cleaner’s prices (orders from 3 kg).


We use ecological cleaning practices such as dry cleaning, tailored to the clothing (shirts, suits, jackets, dresses…) and the fabrics to be treated (cotton, wool, leather, suede…).


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Collection and delivery

Delivery in just 48 hours is offered for orders starting from 15 CHF.


With Ze Pressing, your dry cleaner’s in Geneva and Lausanne, say goodbye to those long trips to the dry cleaner’s or the launderette!


Our delivery person will pick up and deliver your items according to the date, time slot and address arranged in advance. It is possible to indicate a delivery dress which is different to the collection address. You can therefore indicate an alternative address (building manager, neighbour or other…) in case of absence or inability to contact you.


Your electronic signature, or that of a third party, is required on both collection and delivery of the order. The area we cover includes Geneva, Nyon, Gland and Lausanne. Our services are available 6 days a week, from 1pm to 9pm.


Ze Pressing is offering you its expertise in dry cleaning to your door sparing you the chore of doing laundry. Your clothes are cared for and treated within 48 hours by professionals, and a rigorous, high-quality process is ensured throughout the treatment of your laundry.


Our priority is to ensure a high-quality service, whilst paying the utmost respect to ecological guidelines. That is why we choose appropriate pollutant-free treatments. The cleaning products used are made primarily from natural raw materials. They are biodegradable and do not contain phosphates or optical brighteners.