Terms and conditions of sale

1. General

1.1. Definitions

In the present terms and conditions of sale, the expressions below are defined as follows :

  • Subscriber: all customers who have subscribed to a Silver Subscription;
  • Subscription: Silver Subscription;
  • Silver Subscription: Vendor subscription allowing the Subscriber to benefit from a 20% discount on any Order (except for certain types of carpets), for the price of 72 CHF per month;
  • Credit card: all VISA ® or Mastercard ® credit cards;
  • Customer: all registered natural or legal persons using the Services of the Vendor;
  • Order: all requests for collection and delivery of items made by the Customer to the Vendor which represent a minimum total of 15 CHF for the purpose of benefiting from the Services;
  • Customer Space: a Customer’s individual page on the Vendor’s website;
  • Services: the provision of services in dry-cleaning, laundry and ironing of items collected and delivered to the home or indicated addresses of the Customer as provided by the Vendor within the Territory;
  • Territory: the territory of the Canton of Geneva and the Canton of Vaud;
1.2. Scope of application

The contractual relations between the Vendor and the Customer are determined by the present terms and conditions of sale which apply to the exclusion of all other provisions, except provisions of law which are legally binding.

By placing an Order, or by signing up to a Subscription, the Customer agrees to having read, understood and accepted, unreservedly, the present terms and conditions of sale.

The activity of the Vendor is limited to the Territory.

The Vendor reserves the right to modify at any time the present terms and conditions of sale, publishing a new version on their website. Any Order placed after the adaptation of new terms and conditions is determined by the new terms and conditions.

1.3. Register

In order to place an Order, it is compulsory for the Customer to be registered on the Vendor’s website or on the Vendor’s mobile application.

Registration is considered to be completed when the Customer is registered on the Vendor’s website or on the Vendor’s mobile application.

To do this, the Customer must indicate at least one valid Credit card number, collection address, delivery address and email address.

1.4. Subscriptions

When the Subscriber has not used the entirety of the monthly total of their Subscription, the balance is carried over for a maximum one month.

However, the total for the monthly Subscription will be invoiced and debited in its entirety, even if it hasn’t all been used.

When the Subscriber has used more than the monthly total of their Subscription, the surplus total is invoiced and debited during that month. The Customer will benefit from the Subscription discount on the entirety of the total invoiced and debited.

The Subscriber can terminate their Subscription at any time by means of a notice of termination provided before the 20th day of the month ; in this case, the termination will take affect from the 1st of the following month ; if the termination is provided after the 20th of the month, it will take effect from the 1st of the month after the following month.

2. Prices and timeframe for deliveries

2.1. Prices

The applicable prices are those figuring on the Vendor’s website or on the Vendor’s mobile application at the time of placing an Order and include taxes.

When placing an Order, the Customer can choose the price per kilogram option offered by the Vendor on condition that the Order weighs at least 3 kilograms; in this case, the Customer indicates the weight of the items to be collected when placing the order. When the items are collected, the driver will check the weight and indicate to the customer the weight recorded; when the order is verified at the depot, the precise price is indicated to the customer to the nearest gram by way of email; if the weight of the items is below 3 kilograms, the Customer is invoiced for the whole amount charged for the minimum weight of 3 kilograms.

2.2. Collection and delivery

Collection and delivery are made within the time slots chosen by the Customer and confirmed by the Vendor.

The Vendor confirms the date of collection by email within 24 hours of the Customer choosing their collection date and time slot.

The Vendor confirms the delivery date and time slot by email at least 12 hours before the time slot chosen by the Customer.

The Customer cannot place an order for collection on that same day.

There must be a minimum of 48 hours between the collection date and delivery date. The collection date cannot be postponed by the Vendor, subject to exceptions. The delivery date can be postponed by the Vendor provided that it does not exceed 72 hours from the collection date. Certain dates may be unavailable due to high demand. If this is the case, the dates in question cannot be selected when placing an order.

The Customer can modify their Order or the collection and delivery dates up until the “Collection scheduled” stage.

If the Customer is absent and uncontactable at the time of collection or delivery, the Customer will be charged a fee of 8 CHF. The Customer has 48 hours to confirm this charge recorded by the Vendor at the time of the verification made during collection; beyond this period, the Vendor will attempt to make contact with the Customer. If the Customer does not confirm the charge recorded by the Vendor, the Order will be returned to them in its entirety with the return charge of 8 CHF only. If, however, the Customer states at the time of return that the charge is accepted and they still wish for their order to be treated by the Vendor, the Customer will still be invoiced for the delivery charge of 8 CHF.

When a collection or delivery is made to an inaccessible address, the Customer must come to meet the driver following a telephone call from the latter.

3. Conditions of payment, invoices and penalties

For Customers without a subscription, the total for an Order is debited automatically from the Credit card after the Order has been processed by the Vendor, in other words once the Vendor has confirmed the delivery date and time slot to the customer by email. Within this framework, invoices from the Vendor are generated and transmitted to the Customer at that time.

For Subscribers, the Subscription total is automatically debited from the Subscriber’s credit card on the last day of each month. Within this framework, invoices from the Vendor are generated on the first day of the month following the month which has passed.

In the case of a failed debit, the Customer is immediately notified by an email from the Vendor and is asked to settle the bill within seven days. In the absence of payment, their account will remain blocked until the entire bill has been settled.

4. Limitation of liability and complaints

The Customer has 7 days from delivery to make a complaint to the Vendor.

The Vendor accepts responsibility in the case of damage caused to an item between the time of collection and delivery. However, the Vendor does not accept responsibility in cases of force majeure or if the item to be treated cannot support the cleaning process recommended on the care label. The Vendor is exempt from all responsibility in the absence of a care label. The Vendor also accepts no responsibility for damage due to unidentifiable properties or undetectable faults such as insufficient resistance of materials or stitching, poor colour fastness or print resistance, the presence, amongst other things, of a pen in the lining, pre-existing faults, deterioration, amongst other things, of buttons, buckles, zips, shoulder pads, decorations, or if the care label is incorrect.

If the damage is attributable to the Vendor, said party will compensate the Customer based on the table of current values on the devaluation of items displayed on the Vendor’s website. In case of total loss or mix-up of one or several items of clothing, the Vendor will reimburse the items after a 30-day search period.

Delays to collection or delivery do not qualify for any compensation.

Zepressing reserves the right to refuse an order or a customer.

The Customer does not have a right of withdrawal.

5. Data Protection

By adhering to the present terms and conditions of sale, the Customer expressly authorises the Vendor to use their personal information indicated when registering and this exclusively within the Services provided by the Vendor and in respect to the provisions of federal Law on data protection of 19 June 1992.

6. Safeguard clause

If one or several of the provisions of the present terms and conditions of sale should prove to be null completely or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unchanged.

7. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable to the present terms and conditions and to the Services provided by the Vendor. The ordinary courts of the Canton of Geneva are responsible for judging all disputes; the Vendor shall however have the right to submit the dispute beforehand for the expert assessment and arbitration of the joint bodies for the settlement of disputes of the Swiss Association of Textile Maintenance Companies (l’Association suisse des entreprises d’entretien des textiles (ASET).

8. Language

In the case of possible differences between the French version of the terms and conditions of sale and any version in any other language, the French version shall prevail.

Satigny, 18 December 2017